Five C'S of Credit

Will the client be willing to repay the loan? Does the client have a sense of responsibility for his/her ....

What Does Your Credit Score Mean?

Your Credit Score is a numerical score calculated by assigning values to all the items in your basic ....

Your Basic Credit Report

This report is the basic detailed report that lists all your debts, collections, judgements and ....

Why Choose National Credit Help?

All of national credit help staff are former employees of banks, credit unions, law firms collection ....

What We Do

We offer consumers total debt resolution by addressing all kinds of debt and financial hardship situations.

About Us


National Credit Help is a Debt Elimination & Education Company that specializes in substantially reducing the amount of debt owed. We make sure that you understand the impact of credit damage. We free you from the burden of collection calls and give you back your peace of mind.

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NCH provided a very thorough explanation of how credit scoring works.

Andrea S

Proposal Or Bankruptcy was a tough choice but, NCH staff made it very clear which one was the clear choice for my situation.

Zeena A

I never knew what a score actually meant until NCH staff explained in normal people language .

Ashton P