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How do I get started with an effective plan for my financial situation?

There are 3 steps to the process:
1. Fill out the Tell Us about yourself form.
2. Fax, Mail and/or submit the forms.
3. We will contact you to start you on your way to Credit Assistance!

How much does your service cost?

Our Debt Management Program fees are based on the number of creditors involved, the complexity of your case, and your ability to repay.

Our fees can be detailed to you once we have completed your financial evaluation and you are approved for our Program. You can also decide to handle these matters yourself with some education and direction from National Credit Help.

If you choose to be represented by our office and have us negotiate with your creditors, find you a consolidation loan and wrap up our service with an education platform, our fees will be handled during the distribution of the consolidation loan. In some cases a retainer fee may be requested to start the negioations with creditors. In most cases, our fees are offset by settlements we negotiate with your creditors. When you successfully complete your program our service may not have cost you a thing! In fact, our settlement program usually saves you 5 to 10 times our fee...

Will my creditors know I have sought assistance from you?

Yes, if you retain National Credit Help as your debt management consultants one of the first things we do is provide a letter of direction to your creditor(s) to let them know we are acting on your behalf towards the retirement of your debts. If a creditor calls us to verify you have contacted us we will assume it is because you have told them to do so, or because the creditor has referred you to us.

Will my employer know I have asked for your help?

No, we do not notify any parties that you are working with us unless you have signed a letter of direction and instructed us to do so. Our services are completely confidential and respectful of the privacy acts in Canada.

Can you stop legal action and phone calls?

In the majority of cases we are able to work with creditors towards a positive solution that will satisfy everyone, and negotiate to stop any legal action. All of the phone calls from collectors cease as long as clients maintain a good faith arrangement with creditors and our services are documented with them allowing your calls to be redirected to us.

Do I have to continue to work with my creditors?

We ask you to respond to them in a positive way. Let them know you are using our services and give them the information they request along with our information and letter of direction to deal with us. However, do not make any additional payment arrangements that conflict with our Debt Management Program. Call us, or have the creditor call us if there is a request for additional money.

What if a creditor does not agree to a Debt Management Program?

We try to work out an agreement that will satisfy the creditor and the client, and the reduction of the debt. Our priority is your best result, all your creditors want is their money with National Credit Help in your corner you can always be sure we will find the best possible solution to your financial problem.

Will this affect my credit rating any further?

No. Our goal is to help you solve your financial problems, not create more. We can explain how individual creditors affect your credit rating. Unlike non-profit credit counseling we do not change any ratings on your bureau. Unlike bankruptcy there is no public record for 7 years. Our service can even show how to reestablish new credit or prepare for a home purchase once existing debts are paid

Do I get to keep my credit cards?

Yes. You are given a complete client package of all your credit records, educational items, settlement documents and letters of new commitments to creditors.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is access to Email or a fax machine and a telephone number you can be reached at. Have all your information ready relating to creditors name, contact number and telephone number. In some cases we can even search databases and even find creditor contact info for you if you have misplaced it.

If you have any questions concerning what we do, of just want someone to answer some questions you have. Simply call our office today for a Free Consultation.


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